Based out of a two roomed office at University premises, armed with our very own Dilip Da, one desktop, few pieces of furniture and loads of warmth, it aspires to connect old boys and girls of the college and keep the old fires burning brighter and brighter. Unfortunately Pramod da isn't available at the Canteen now but he was as welcoming as ever till his last day of stay in Canteen, with his numerous anecdotes and updates. 

The Association strives to leverage collective strength from senior old boys/girls to nurture their younger ones.  In our journey in that direction – as the recent change in domain name suggests – we are an Association of Presidencians not restricted by geographies or boundaries of any kind.

Every year on Founders’ Day, we take pride in publishing  Autumn Annual - a magazine that chronicles the experiences, observations and deliberations of some of our finest writers.

Closely watch this site and write to us with your ideas that may accelerate our pace in achieving stated goals.

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