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Autumn Annual picture

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The first volume of this journal was published in 1951-52. This was edited by Prof. Somnath Maitra of the English Department. The second volume of this journal duly edited by the same editor was published in 1954. None of these Volumes is at present available in the records of the Alumni Association or in the Presidency College library. Thereafter the literary activities of the Association had to wait till 1960 when the first volume of 'Autumn Annual' the annual journal of the Association was published.

Autumn Annual - Vol. I (1960)

Editor-in-chief: Atul Chandra Gupta, Editor: Amulyadhan Mukherjee

Publication of the first volume of 'Autumn Annual' at the initiative of Sri Rabindranath Maitra, one of our most enthusiastic members, with warm approval of our distinguished Founder President Sri Atul Chandra Gupta marked a milestone in the progress of the Presidency College Alumni Association. Its aims were defined as:

The Autumn Annual is not to be looked upon as the bulletin of a society for the advancement of learning. Its aims are more modest and perhaps more human. It seeks to provide a platform from where a member of the Association could talk to his fellow members on topics nearest to his heart. He might choose any topic from cabbages to kings he might talk reminiscently of 'old happy far off things and matters long ago' or he might 'dip into the future as far as human eye could see' and give his vision of the world as it would be. He might be humorous, gay or melancholy; ' Seneca cannot be too heavy, nor Plantus too light' for him. He will above all try to talk to the pleasure and profit of his fellow members and recreate the atmosphere which every alumnus has once breathed in the sacred precincts of the Presidency College'

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